Continuing To Promote The NCVYS' Values

Although the NCVYS are no longer in operation, there is no less need today for a similar organisation to be put in place to show commitment to young people in the country and their future success. NCVYS were committed to fostering a can-do attitude and enterprising spirit within communities to encourage change and to persuading communities to take responsibility for young people's well being in their area while ensuring that their equal rights are upheld. There is a still a space in society for an organisation to champion youth organisations and to continue to press for young people to be taken into account when creating new government policies.

The Problems Of Today's Youth

Youth volunteer organisations have a key role to play in society today. In modern times, just as much as ever before, many young people feel that their voice is not being heard and their views are not being listened to. Issues such as Brexit seem to have blatantly disregarded the youth opinion and it is no wonder that so many of England's youths feel alienated from the government and those that run the country.

With youth unemployment still an issue nationwide and with the cost of going to university more expensive than ever, it is still difficult for young people to cope with the challenges that the future is presenting to them, and this is where youth volunteering can help.

Volunteer organisations can inspire young people to make a difference to the causes that they are passionate about and to learn new talents and skills that can stand them in good stead for later life.

The Importance Of Youth Volunteer Organisations

There are many different youth volunteer organisations which have been set up to encourage young people to take an active role in their communities. By participating, young people can not only help the communities in which they live but they can also learn key life skills like problem solving, and teamwork that will prepare them for the future. Studies have shown that almost three quarters of the UK's young people have expressed an interest in volunteering, and ensuring that sufficient organisations are in place to cater for this demand is very important.

By participating in youth volunteer initiatives, young people can develop confidence and vital workplace skills which will make them more employable in the long run, and at the same time, they can boost the nation's economy and help to forge a more positive opinion in our communities towards young people in society.