Trustee Board Members

NCVYS members elect a Trustee Board who take responsibility for deciding the strategic direction of NCVYS's work. Trustees are elected for periods of three years. Trustees are recruited on the basis of the skills they bring, rather than affiliation to a NCVYS member. Two of the nine positions are reserved for young trustees. At least five trustees are nominated by the NCVYS membership.

Position Name Year of Election
Chair Natalie Campbell appointed in 2014
Treasurer Karen Kemble elected in 2013
Trustee Mark Boyd re-elected in 2013
Trustee Annie Clements elected in 2013
Trustee Linda Dean elected in 2013
Trustee John Downes elected in 2012
Trustee Blessing Maregere elected in 2014
Trustee Vikram Patel elected in 2014
Trustee Gethyn Williams elected in 2014
President Kanchan Jadeja appointed in 2013
Vice presidents Anne Dunford OBE; Mary Sanders; Roy Thornton previous and current chairs or members of NCVYS committees

NCVYS members elect a Trustee Board who take responsibility for deciding the strategic direction of NCVYS's work. Trustees are elected for periods of three years from the different sections of NCVYS's membership. There are also four spaces on the board for co-options. Trustees volunteer their skills and expertise to advise the NCVYS membership and staff team.

Nichola Brown - Membership Services Manager

Nichola is a part-time member of staff and is responsible for the administration, management and strategic direction of NCVYS’s membership function. She delivers the majority of the membership offer e.g. various e-bulletins and the Member Benefits Guide.

She answers enquiries and runs two Networks - The Membership Practice Network and the Local Networks Practice Exchange Forum, delivering events and brokering contact between members. Nichola is also involved in NCVYS communications and database management. She supports the CEO with the effective governance of NCVYS.

Isabelle King - Director of Partnerships and Programmes

Isabelle leads on safeguarding, workforce development, faith and Erasmus + funding and is the strategic lead for the Young People’s Health Partnership. Isabelle manages the Affiliate Programme as well as Sound Systems (The National Accreditation Kite Mark for Safeguarding). She undertakes business development work, aiming to generate new income opportunities both commercial and through grants and other funders, and through partnerships and consortium building.

Yokeu Kusnama - Partnerships and Programmes Manager

Yokeu is Project Support Officer for the Centre for Youth Impact, a partnership initiative, of which NCVYS is one of three partners. She works with Young Facilitators and has supported young people to become young researchers on the project, as well as providing general support to the running of the Centre for Youth Impact e.g. co-ordinating events.

Keji Okeowo - Leadership and Programmes Manager

Keji is responsible for enabling NCVYS members and potential members to critically examine their policies and practice with regards to youth participation and to assist them in the development of strategies that will increase young people's participation. She also supports and trains young people who want to be involved as volunteers or as members of the national youth forum.

Susanne Rauprich - Chief Executive

Susanne co-ordinates all of NCVYS's work areas and staff. She ensures that NCVYS is run for its members by its members through her accountability to NCVYS's Council, and the Trustee Board which it elects. Susanne also oversees all external relations and leads on NCVYS's policy work.